Shinto Katana

If you’re looking to get a high quality sword, look no further. Paul Chen’s Shinto Katana is famous for its beautiful classic design and high-end properties worthy of any samurai.

Paul Chen's Shinto Katana made by Hanwei

This katana features genuine rayskin handles with black tsuka-ito (wrapping), black iron tsuba (handguard) with relief dragon artwork, detailed in gold, and a wooden scabbard with black lacquer finish. The sword is 39″ in overall length, with the visible blade of 27″. The blade itself is hand forged, T10 high carbon steel, edge tempered using the traditional clay tempering method which results in a highly distinctive hamon.

This katana is sharpened and ready for any knowledgeable martial artist looking for a high-end sword. It also comes with a traditional maintenance kit and a protective cloth bag.

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