Authentic Samurai Katana

Authentic Samurai Sword

A high quality authentic samurai katana such as this one is worth nearly $600

Authentic samurai katana swords are for those looking for something more than a simple practice or display sword. Authentic samurai katana are hand made and of the highest quality. It’s amazing knowing that your sword is something to be respected, and not just a cheap wall hanger. These samurai swords can also be used for training, but most of them are not sharpened. You can however also get sharpened ones, so be sure to take a close look at my selection below, see how magnificent these katana are and choose one for yourself.

For beginner martial arts practitioners or sword enthusiasts you don’t need to spend a lot of money for an authentic katana sword, instead you can get fully functional sharpened (or even unsharpened) swords for far less. These authentic swords are often works of art considering the forging methods and quality of fittings, and they not only require occasional care but also must be treated with the respect they deserve.

One thought on “Authentic Samurai Katana

  1. John W Moore Sr says:

    I have received a WW II Katana sword bring back and I am needing help trying to find out info about this Katana sword. I have pictures I can send you. Can you help?

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