Katana Stands

Katana, Wakizashi and Tanto on a sword display stand

Whether you’re looking for a katana for display purposes or a functional one, you’ll likely want to get a quality sword stand as well to go with it. A beautiful weapon like the katana shouldn’t be hidden away in a closet, so if you want to make sure it gets the spotlight it deserves do consider getting a katana stand — most are very cheap, so no matter what your budget is you’ll find something you like.

There are different katana sword stands: some will hold your katana, wakizashi and tanto, while some are designed to display only one or two weapons. There are also bigger sword racks such as the one below that can be used to hold up to 8 katana:

Wall mounted sword stand holding 8 katana swords

A display stand like this can easily be mounted on a wall and is a beautiful way to get some attention to your sword collection. If you’re on the looking for any kind of samurai sword stand, the selection below is a good start.

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