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Cold Steel is a well-known manufacturer of various knives, machetes, swords and other types of blades. Cold Steel was founded in 1980 and only in the past few years have they started making samurai swords.

If you’re on the lookout to buy a functional, great looking and overall high quality sword Cold Steel is one of the best choices. The basic two series of katana by Cold Steel include more expensive Emperor and cheaper Warrior. Both sword series are high quality but Emperor typically features higher quality fittings, thus the increased prices. The blade, cutting power and durability is just as strong on both Warrior and Emperor Cold Steel katana, so it’s up to you to decide whether the price difference is worth it.

If the prices of Cold Steel swords are too high for you, I recommend Masahiro swords as a great alternative. Even though Cold Steel samurai swords are excellent for serious practitioners as well as new ones the prices are often the number one factor people are looking for when buying a katana, so if you just want a quality cutting sword for as little money as possible I would recommend Masahiro as it’s possibly the best entry-level Japanese sword.

On the other hand if you truly want a quality sword that will last you for a long time you can find my selection of some of Cold Steel’s most popular katana swords below. You can find a ton of reviews and cutting tests of Cold Steel swords and nearly all of them are very positive, so you can be sure you’re getting only the best quality steel with this manufacturer. All Cold Steel katana are all fully functional, sharpened, and ready to cut!

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