Masahiro & Ryumon Katana

Masahiro katana swords are a popular choice when it comes to low-cost sharpened and fully functional battle-ready swords. Ryumon and Masahiro brand swords are handmade by master sword smiths that produce high quality swords known for their sharpness, durability and aesthetics.

Handmade Masahiro "Shadow Warrior" Katana Sword

Masahiro is not actually producing the swords but only branding them, but there’s quite a lot of mystery surrounding this company and it’s not even clear who owns it. The swords are manufactured in China and are often of impressive quality for the price. However, sometimes the quality is disappointing as well: most sword collectors agree that it’s well worth the risk however, as many of the swords by Masahiro or its higher quality counterpart Ryumon are exceptional. The Ryumon sword series are typically $250-$500, while Masahiro ones are a bit cheaper and usually going for $80 up to $250.

Masahiro Folded Steel Katana - Dragon Style Tsuba

Masahiro Folded Steel Katana - Dragon Style Tsuba

Masahiro product line includes regular katana swords, and also assemble-yourself swords, fittings and traditional cleaning and sharpening kits. Note that the names of their products may be slightly different depending on the retailer. Ryumon katana are made to a higher standard than their Masahiro brand, most notably the blade is often differentially hardened and the swords are aesthetically more detailed. Also, Ryumon swords include instructions on how to properly maintain your sword, a cleaning kit, a certificate of authenticity and a pine box to store it in.

Hand Forged Ryumon Dragon Katana

A hand-forged Ryumon Dragon Katana with painted scabbard, worth about $500.

Regardless of its occasionally questionable quality, Masahiro/Ryumon katanas are amazing for all sword enthusiasts and are very affordable. You can check my selection of a few great Masahiro swords below and pick one you like.

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