About Me

picI’m a 26 year old guy from Europe who enjoys all things samurai. I’ve been interested in the samurai and Japanese culture for a long time and enjoy reading about it, and I’m also hoping that some day I’ll be able to visit Japan and experience it myself.

I’m currently not actively practicing any martial arts, but it’s due to lack of time rather than lack of interest. That being said I still love wearing my budogu quite often, I know it’s weird but I enjoy it. There’s just something about it that makes me feel better every time I put it on, and if I could I’d probably wear it all day.

I’d also like to learn an Asian language some day but even though I’m a quick learner I never manage to find the time. I know a few words of Japanese and Thai but not enough to be able to speak.

My biggest goal is to some day have enough money to pursue my dreams of living in Asia with a nice and funny Asian with who has the same passions and interests as I do (if you think you fit the description feel free to contact me :p). It’s unlikely to ever happen due to financial reasons but not a day goes by that I don’t dream about it. I’ve had the chance to go to Asia once before and I loved it, the people are so much more open and overall nicer (not to mention better looking) and it seems like a place I’d much rather be.

Anyway, hope you liked my site. If you have any suggestions or questions just send them here, I’ll reply as fast as I can. Thanks for visiting!